Buy-In Crew


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Buy-In Crew – Aka Take My Money

You get all the benefits of a Savvy Fever member does and more.

Savvy Fever

  1. Quarterly Mystery Box – All mystery boxes are equal to each other.
  2. $5 Welcome Coupon – Cause who does not want a coupon right
  3. Sign-up Welcome Gift – Well I can’t tell you what it is. It’s a small token of appreciation.
  4. Free Samples – When a new product arrives we will select a few people to get 1 sample for free. In exchange, you show us how it was used so that can use it on the site. Samples are limited but priority goes to the buy-in crew.

Plus the following:

  • Special Locked in Rates – That’s right! You locked in your rate no matter what on buy-ins
  • Custom Products – As the special holiday approach we make special products just for us
  • 1/1 and Group support – You will always have access to me for questions and always have group support
  • Private groups – Once you join you will be given access to a members-only forum
  • Discounts on the website – Oh yes. No more needing to worry about sales
  • Deep discounts on Buy-in – Our discounts are just shocking!
  • Member-only buys – We have items that only you can get with us and are not shared with anyone else
  • Special Coupons -Even deeper discounts
  • Contracts and Forms – Yup no need to pay extra I lay it all right here –
  • Networking – Your competition can be your saving grace. Make friends make connections
  • How much should I charge – No more pointing to the “Job cost form” That Job cost form is not practical I will tell you why!

These are just a few reasons to join. Need help paying? We got Sezzle! Make payments and get access now!