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Mosaic Balloon Designs

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Mosaic Balloon Designs

Mosaic Balloon Designs

Oh yes, We have all seen these everywhere they are so neat to look at and unique! So why do they cost so much? The Mosaic balloon designs are a one-time creation. The frame that is used is created once just for this design and is not reusable. It is also very time consuming to create and put together. Take for instance the unicorn design. It is approx 4 feet. It took 3 days to build and 1 day for the balloons. That is a lot of work! Which is why the cost is so much. Also, the number of balloons that are needed per design varies more than the average design. The price will depend on the size of the design and the desired amount of colors and style. The Unicorn Mosaic starts at $175.00 for example.


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