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LED Furniture

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LED Furniture

LED Stools

LED Furniture Stools have a certain vibe about them. You can have them all one color or change the colors. The choice is completely up to you. You create a fun and festive night club feel or VIP area. Your guests feel important as we all know they are. So why wait. Place your order now and enjoy them.

Each one of LED stool is ready to be delivered to you to make your next event awesome. We deliver and set-up in the location that is best. No need to move them yourself or how to work them. You don’t need to sit on them. We do the work for you. You can certainly use them for decor as well. Each piece is $90.00 for a 4hr rental and for an added touch ask us about your VIP enclosed draping. Take it to the next level! You got this under control and we are here to help you. Sit back and enjoy the glow of it all.

***VIP draping is available for an additional cost.