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Event Planning and Coordinator

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Event Planning and Coordinator

Event Planning and Coordinator

You thought about it and now you decided you want it done. Where do you start? Maybe you have done a party in the past and realize you would much rather enjoy it than to have to stress over maybe forgetting something or working up until the last min before your guests arrive and you have not even gotten ready yet. You want everything for your event to be perfect and go as planned correctly? Well, that is why we are here. No, we are not going to do it our way you going to do it your way. Headspin Events works with you to make sure it all comes out as you envisioned.

No more stressing! Feel confident knowing all the details are being handled, from the invitations and décor to the entertainment and cleanup. We specialize in all aspects of Events from children’s events to corporate and all in-between.

So which level of service do you need? Not sure? Then ask away!

Planning should be a stressful experience. Headspin Event is your partner in crime to get this done easily and effectively.  As your partner in planning, we provide you with expert advice, imaginative ideas. The best part is. You just get to enjoy it all while avoiding the stress and anxiety.


A La Carte service may be best for you if you just have a few areas where you need or would like some professional guidance!  First, let us talk about the difference between A Event Planner and Event Coordinator. The two services are completely different. So allow me to help explain the two. This is often a misconception.

  • Event Planner is a person or team who helps design your event from the moment you decide you want to have it. We help to discuss theme, location, budget, layout, decor and so much more. From begging to end we do all the work. We research the best venues for you, we come up with the color combos, the floor plan, invitations and anything you can think of. This is no easy task which is why you want to hire us. It requires countless hours of work. Although we have plenty of experience it is not an easy task. The starting price is $1800.00
  • A Coordinator is a person or team who helps an already planned event. We do not design or alter your event. We do not rearrange anything based on our experience. We simply provide a helping hand to do it your way. We are hired to carry out the event as you have already planned it. Many times we are asked our advice and we simply replay with directing you to our planning services. This is your vision your hard work we just make sure we see it though. The Starting price is $800