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Menu Item Types: Draping

Headspin Events offers several types of draping. Each one is unique and custom sized and installed for your event. A most common question asked is, “Can it be done?” Well yes, we can and have decorated even the highest of ceilings. Most importantly we are fully licensed and insured. Something your venue will want to know. So no matter if it’s a wall or ceiling you need to be covered we can help.

Ceiling draping starts at $400

Wall draping starts at $250


Some key things to remember when draping locations.

  • How much time do you have? Draping can take several hours depending on the venue and challenges we may face. Ask if can be installed the night before. We do require no one in the room while the installation is being done.
  • Do you have written permission? Just like your venue has requirements you must meet to have your event in their establishment we have ours as well. We must have written consent from the venue to install any draping that is attached to to the building.
  • Do you use nails or screws? Absolutely NOT! We are professionals and have professional equipment that is only designed to be used for safe installs on draping. If your venue is unsure if they will allow it. or need some convincing have them call our office. we are happy to provide a demo at no charge and show them they have nothing to worry about.