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Ceiling Balloons & Balloon Drops

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Ceiling Balloons & Balloon Drops

Ceiling Balloons

Calculating the math for ceiling balloons is pretty easy. One balloon covers one square foot of ceiling space. To completely fill a ceiling measuring 20ft x 20ft you will need 400 balloons. However, you can also fill the same space with 100 balloons and will look terrific. Want to do a glowing ceiling effect we can do that too for an additional charge. Just let us know. If you are unsure of the space of the ceiling ask the venue. You can also count tiles on the floor or measure from the ground and you do not need to be exact. Once you have booked we will be happy to come out and measure for you at no additional charge.

  • Included:
  • Curling ribbon measuring 7-8 feet
  • Extra balloons for incidentals
  • All basic color non-print latex

Balloon Drops

You want a balloon drop and not sure where to start? Balloon drops are some must-have at Christmas parties, New Years, Concerts and special events with large crowds. The cost will depend on a few factors with additional costs and fees for rigging the device depending on ceiling height and pulling the string. The balloons are carefully placed in a special netting to allow the balloons to be successfully released when given a signal. All balloons are air-filled. There is no helium in the balloons. We want to make sure your event goes smoothly. So be sure to make a consultation with us.  No need to worry about where to place it. We will take a look at the venue once booked and help you decide.

Before calling us some things to find out:

  • Does your venue allow enough time to install?
  • How much time do they allow to clean up?
  • Does your venue allow it?