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Candy Buffet

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Candy Buffet

Candy Buffet

Ah yes, the candy buffet. This is always a favorite of ours. Nothing like a nice table full of yummy treats. Bright or soft colors of candy. The shiny gold and silver wrappers that give that twinkle from a distance calling your name! I know the feeling who does not want some candy right? A candy buffet is a great treat for your event if you want something for your guests to nibble on during or maybe take home and have it later. It does not matter if this is for your wedding, graduation, or birthday party the statement of the look says you cared.

How much candy do I need?

So the most common question if how much candy do I need? Don’t listen to the hype you read all over the internet on ratios of candy buffets. I will be the first to tell you its a lie! If we all could afford that much candy for an event why would be looking to save money right? Less is more. There are many ways to have a candy buffet without breaking the bank. Let me tell you from experience it’s very easy to do. So do you have to have candy? No absolutely not. There are many things you can do for a candy buffet. Contact us to book a consultation. We are going to tell you how and what needs to be done based on your event.

What comes with the candy buffet?

All our services are full service. Now, what does that mean exactly you could be asking yourself. Well means we will help design and execute the entire look. From helping you pick out the candy but not just any candy the right candy for your candy buffet. We will provide the right size table, treats, decor, linen, and even the backdrop if needed. Which size will be based on many factors and will contribute to cost.**


Starting cost for a candy buffet is $275.00