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Black Lights (UV Light)

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Black Lights (UV Light)

Are black lights for you? Are you thinking of having a glow party? Our Ultraviolet Lights (UV) are professional grade and strength to saturation even the biggest sizes of a room.  We can have your entire room glow or just a specific area. Our powerful black lights are no joke. You will definitely get the glow you are wanting and seeing, but is it UV you need? Allow me to explain.

Are you throwing a glow party or a Black Light party? What’s the difference? Well, not everything glows. A glow party is more with bright lights like you would see on 4th of July in light wands etc. a black light party is anything that is (UV) black light reactive. Not all neon glows. So please keep that in mind. If you are looking to plan a black light party. Please consult with us so that we can make sure you get the best result. Pricing starts at $100.00 per light installed, please ask about discounts for more than two lights.