Treat yourself to a Membership

A membership is a great way to get some really cool items that maybe you would have never pulled thought to buy on your own. 

Many times we get stuck in a rut and need a little challenge to do something new something fresh. 

With our memberships there is no “middle” membership. In this industry, there is no “almost” either you did or didn’t. Same with our memberships.

Savvy Fever

Savvy Fever membership is best for those who still not sure of their desires in the industry. No shame in that. Trust me. I speak from experience. That was me once  I started out in the event industry owning a photo booth. Look at me now…you just never know where the path leads you but you do need to know which side of the fork to take when it comes and all the obstacles that come along with it. 

So if you are not sure yet and just want to see what we are about. This is for you!

  • Quarterly Mystery Box
  • $5 Welcome Coupon
  • Sign-Up welcome gift
  • Sample sign ups

Buy-In Crew

Buy-in crew is for those of us who know what we want or what we are aiming for and are all in. The benefits are the best in the industry. 

What does that mean though? What do you get out of it?

Well, no doubt you are here because you know of me already or heard of me. I created the Buy-In Crew to help bring unique things that no one else has or has thought of. This includes but not limited to:

  • Quarterly Mystery Box
  • $5 Welcome Coupon
  • Sign-up welcome gift
  • Free Samples
  • Special Locked in Rates
  • Custom Products
  • 1/1 and Group support
  • Private groups
  • Discounts on the website
  • Deep discounts on Buy-in’s
  • Member-only buys
  • Special Coupons

I know I keep saying Buy-in what the HE- double hockey sticks does that mean?

A Buy-In is when as a group we vote and decide on what would be a good item to group together and buy to get those deep discounts. Your voice, opinion matters here. I do all the leg work and negotiations you get all the benefits. 

Many items coming down the road will only be available to Buy-In Crew members. I know many of you heard of my Christmas, Valentines, and Easter Buy-In’s these will be exclusive to Buy-In Crew.

So why only Buy-In Crew? Like in any industry we got those who are ready and want to take their business to the next level and we got those that are not too sure or maybe it’s a one-time purchase. Which is ok, but not an ideal person for our membership program. 

Enough with the talking. Let’s get to it! Sign up!