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Ever wonder why? What if,  or can I? I know you have. You are not the only one. We have developed this FAQ page directly from common questions frequently asked.

Still, have questions? No problem. Please use the contact page and send us over a message or contact us directly.

Do you provide Balloon Delivery Service?

We sure do! We make every delivery special. A delivery fee may apply. Fees for delivery are based on the corporate location. Zipcode 03060.

What areas do you service?

We provide service to all of New England. Yup that is correct, Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and parts of Connecticut. There may be an additional travel charge base on your location. We also do destination events.

What is a strike fee?

The strike charge is when we return to retrieve our equipment and clean up after the event, this is not always needed depending on your order.

Are you licensed and insured?

We most certainly are. This goes to show you how professional we are. We not only go above and beyond to make sure your taken care but your venue as well. Did you know that most venues will not allow a vendor on site unless they are licensed and insured? The reason is to protect them and you. If you hire a vendor and they slip and fall and get hurt or damage the venue they can sue you for damages. Who wants that? Certainly not you. Be sure that all your vendors are properly licensed and insured.

Do you offer basic packages?

The easy answer is no. Not every person has the same desire in taste and looks that we would need multiple packages to fit every customer’s desire. Let me give you an example. Let us say you want linen for 10 tables. All white. Easy right? Not really. One client may want a lap length linen. While another may want floor length. Lets not also forget the tables may be different shapes and sizes. We do however offer discounts on multiple services.

Should I hire you first or find my venue first?

Always hire your decorator/planner first. Like me, we work with so many venues. We can give you the behind the scenes and inside scoop that you won’t find online. We also work with so many venues that prefer us over someone else and get special treatment and leniency which is to your advantage. It also helps to take your decorator with you after you have had your consultation this helps them to visualize the location. Remember most venues only allow 1 hr to decorate so be realistic in your expectations for 1 hr.

Can you inflate my balloons?

Why yes we can. When you purchase balloons there is a CE mark on them. The CE mark ensures they have met testing and quality standards. It is difficult to notice a fake CE mark from a real one. Look online there are many examples to show you.  We will happily come and inflate the balloons you have purchased as a balloon inflator service, not as a service of our work. We only use professional grade balloons. Your cost savings will not be much. So it may be worth it to buy directly from us.

Do you rent helium tanks?

No, we do not. You can, however, purchase our balloon inflating services

What size linen do I need for my tables?

That is an excellent question. This is a question we get asked so many times a week. Most often times we are told the venue says 8, 10 or 12 fit around a table. This means nothing to us in linen terms. We work so hard to meet with venues and educate them on proper sizing. So if a venue ever tells you how many chairs fit around a table. Giggle and politely ask them to measure the table.

Common sizes:

Rectangle tables are: 4′, 6′, 8′

Round Tables are: 48′, 60″ 72″

Once you are able to provide size and qty for each table we are better able to help you. Please be sure to include your food tables too.

Habla español?

Absolutamente. Si es más fácil llamar y hablar con nosotros o por correo electrónico, no dude en hacerlo.