Headspin Events

Your #1 Balloon & Custom décor provider

Headspin event is a small female-owned company that specializes in the creation of exceptional events for businesses. Over the years, we have established ourselves as a leader for producing bespoke events and experiences for a cross-section of global brands and organizations. 

Through our innovative design and flawless execution, we produce memorable and unique balloon décor of all sizes, and our designs are customized to reflect the brand’s personality. At Headspin Events, we understand that there is a transcendent connection between the mastery of storytelling and the creation of astonishment. Our team of seasoned professionals have innovative ideas to decorate your stores for holidays, company events, balloon banquets and create a completely customized, memorable and authentic event with sophistication and tasteful restraint. With our extensive network, we can create and quickly scale a cost-effective strategy in real-time.


We are driven by the passion of celebrating, life, love and laughter. We look forward to making your next celebration, a perfect event.

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